Do you believe like a demon?

Beware of saying "I believe."
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Even the demons can say that. 

2009-08-19 Day 17

from The Purpose Driven Life

You are called to belong, not just believe.

How important is it to believe the Bible?

James 2:19 – Even the demons believe, so how are you different?

How are you different from God's enemies?

The difference is commitment to God's plan and leadership.

God tests your level of commitment by calling you into an “assembly” of other believers.

These “assemblies” of believers are what we call churches.

God's plan for your life involves you belonging,

not just believing.

Romans 12:5 We who are many form one body,

and we all belong to one another.

Think of the groups that you are a member of.

These memberships don't make you fit, athletic, famous, or intelligent until you get involved.

Membership in God's family requires involvement for you to have a healthy life, but it also means something different than the usual idea of membership.

The Bible tells us that God's assembly (the church) is a body. We are the body of Jesus Christ here on the earth.

What happens when a body part is cut off and left alone?

The same thing happens in your spiritual life when you live without being involved in God's assembly.

The difference between God's enemies and friends is not belief.

God's ultimate enemies and friends believe He exists.

The difference is a commitment to live by and follow God's plan and leadership. God started the church, and expects you to be a part of it.

How committed are you to God's family, this church?

How committed are you to God's leadership?

God expects you to follow his lead.  How are you doing? 

These are your responsibilities: Parents, jobs, music, movies – to name a few.

Now, go forth and belong, not just believe. 

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